RRSA Vero Beach is not intending to alarm our blog readers, but we do need to discuss the signs that indicate a roof that is about ready to collapse. We would be remiss in our job of keeping South Florida homeowners educated about all things roofing if we didn't discuss this issue.

A roof collapse is a serious and dangerous affair. It can injure you and your family and severely compromise your home. To make sure your roof is sturdy and not in danger of collapsing, make sure you do not experience any of the following signs of a roof that is ready to collapse:

1. Weather damage

Weather-related problems play a significant role in a roof collapsing. Since we live in South Florida, severe weather is just part of the package. Wind and water can seriously deteriorate your roof and cause the system to fail prematurely. All forms of severe weather should put a free roof inspection from RRSA Vero Beach at the forefront of your mind.


2. Roof support stress

Keep an eye out for symptoms of structural deterioration, such as bends and/or ripples in roof supports or trusses. This is a MAJOR problem. If you notice signs of stress, make it a priority to find out where it’s coming from and how to fix it. When RRSA Vero Beach does our free roof inspection of your home in South Florida, we will check carefully for any support stress your roof is experiencing.

3. Sagging ceiling

Before a roof collapses, sections will start to exhibit signs of strain. This is why it's so important to keep a close eye on your roof—to avoid having the roof come falling down one day. If you see any areas of the ceiling showing signs of sagging, it should be cause for alarm. Act fast before large chunks of ceiling and drywall start falling.

4. Cracks in the Exterior

A residential or commercial structure is kind of like a game of Jingo. One fault in the structure can make the whole thing come tumbling down. Cracks in the outside masonry (or other building materials) indicate something is wrong. Usually, it’s supporting more weight than it can handle.

5. Cracks in the Interior

Just as cracks on the outside of the building are cause for concern, so are cracks in the ceiling or walls; they don’t occur without a reason. They should alert you to the fact that something is not right, and it needs to be remedied quickly before it gets worse. As we inspect your roof for free, we will be on the lookout for cracks, both on the exterior and the interior of your home.

6. Roof Leaks

A leaking roof means a compromised roof. Leaks indicate that water and moisture are getting into the roof structure, and that’s guaranteed to cause problems, like mold, ceiling damage, rot, and more. If you notice a leak, you need to do more than just mop up standing water. Find the source of the leak and determine if it’s causing any structural damage. Sprinkler heads are a great indicator of structural integrity, but many people miss this important tip. Sprinkler heads will only shift if there’s significant movement in the ceiling. And, to clarify, your ceiling is NOT supposed to move.

8. Unexplained Sounds

The unusual creaking, popping, and otherwise out-of-whack sounds you may be hearing are not from ghosts or the house settling. They could be a warning sign that the roof is under serious strain. Of course, some old houses just make noise, but if you notice creaking and popping at regular intervals, something could be seriously wrong.

9. Doors and windows suddenly become difficult to use

Windows and doors that used to open and close with regularity don’t just change their minds. If a living room door or sunroom window suddenly becomes hard to open, it’s likely some structural shifting is to blame. This is a good sign to take heed of that your roof is in trouble and may be ready to collapse.

10. A feeling that something is off

You inhabit your home on a daily basis, so it’ll be easy to notice if things just feel...off. If you notice a new draft, a slightly lower ceiling, or a soft spot in the floor that wasn’t there before are real signs of costly problems. You know your South Florida home better than anyone, so if you feel something is not quite right, trust your instincts.

RRSA Vero Beach hopes that these 10 signs of a possible roof collapse ready to happen will help homeowners in South Florida keep their roof and their family safe. Call us today if you would like a free roof inspection.



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