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Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Find out what your insurance company owes you!

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms are just a few of the devastating forces that nature can unleash. No matter where you live or what kind of weather you are dealing with, you don’t have to worry about finding an affordable company to help with a roof and siding installation or repair.

RRSA is a nationwide roofing company that rolls out fully-equipped trucks to serve areas hit by natural disasters. However, we aren’t just looking to make a quick buck off of your tragedy. Our BBB-accredited company has been dedicated to helping families and businesses for nearly ten years, so we have all of the expertise we need to get you the most out of your roof insurance claim.

Your Team of Nationwide Storm Restoration Experts

Hail damage can cause impact marks on your roof, and wind damage can remove shingles and siding. Those aren’t the only things you need to worry about, though. Since storm damage can be so far reaching, RRSA strives to offer comprehensive services, including:

Regardless of whether you need one or both of our services, we guarantee professionalism from start to finish. We understand that severe weather can leave you shaken, so our dedicated contractors communicate and guide you through the entire process of getting your insurance to cover the damage. In fact, the following are the steps that we use to make your home safe and beautiful again:

  1. Inspection: We send our experienced roof inspectors from RRSA to your home to assess any damage you may have experienced, take photos for evidence, and document our findings for the insurance company. A trained Field Supervisor will view the storm related areas and buildings to determine whether or not your claim needs to be filed.
  2. Subject to Agreement: After inspection, your Field Supervisor will sit down and explain his results and if there is enough damage to make a claim. This form is called the “Subject To Agreement”. The Agreement states that you’re not under any obligation unless your claim is approved by the insurance company and they’re willing to pay for the repairs. The “Subject To Agreement” also states that the only cost to you is the insurance deductible. Trademark requires that we have this approval in writing before discussing the claim with an adjuster.
  3. Adjustment: We sit down with your insurance provider to discuss what we found in our assessment and recommend our roof restoration solutions.  When an accurate scope of work is confirmed by an adjuster and a Field Supervisor, the scope is placed into the software program, which generates a complete line-by-line itemized pricing for the project. Set standards and confirmation from both the insurance adjuster and your Field Supervisor gives the homeowner peace of mind knowing everything is accurate and everyone is in agreement.
  4. Approval: Though most insurance companies approve assessment and proposal right away, others require extra work, but rest assured that continue to work with your insurance provider until we receive approval. Once we receive approval from your Insurance Company, two things will happen simultaneously. The Insurance Adjuster will tell your Insurance Company to write you a check for the Actual Cash Value for your claim. While you are waiting for your check, you and your Field Supervisor will pick out your building materials and colors. Also, our Field Supervisor will collect the insurance deductible check. This should be your only out-of-pocket expense.
  5. Restoration: Our roof installers from RRSA use top of the line products to provide your home with a roof that will last for years. After the completion of each trade, your Trademark Project Manager will go over an inspection check list with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every aspect of our work.
  6. Payment: We will follow up with your insurance company on your claim progress to ensure that you receive your claim. You never have to worry about getting an invoice from RRSA until you’ve received the entire payment from your insurance company. The Field Supervisor will turn the check in to our office and your final Workmanship Warranty will be sent to you. Our goal is to provide complete customer service from the initial inspection through the post-construction review.

Learn More About Our Storm Damage Insurance Claims Services

Don’t put off your much-needed storm damage repairs any longer! Instead, take the first step towards filing an insurance claim by working with the experts of RRSA. You can call to schedule your in-home inspection and consultation, or you can request our assistance by submitting your contact information through our simple online form.