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Home Storm Damage Checklist

As a responsible homeowner you want to make sure your home is safe & secure at all times. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hailstorms, and even heavy wind or rain can make this difficult by damaging your home’s exterior. 

The truth is, whether you live down south or up north—you can’t escape mother nature. 

That’s why it’s important to know what to do after a natural disaster and be able to identify where your home has been compromised. Below you’ll find a list of steps to take in the aftermath of a major storm:

1. Stay inside and away from windows. 

It’s important to wait for the storm to end before going back outside to avoid getting hurt by hail or strong winds. Once the storm has cleared you can go outside to assess the damage.

2. Check for any broken trees on your property. 

Damage from strong winds or hurricanes can leave behind broken branches and even break trees at the trunk. Fallen trees can cause further damage to your roof, siding and windows if left unattended.

3. Examine the yard for fallen or chipped roof shingles

Heavy winds remove the protective granules on asphalt shingle roofs, and even have the power to lift, curl, and even remove entire shingles. This is dangerous because without shingles, your home’s roof is exposed to the elements and less protected against future storm. Additionally, damaged shingles leave your home susceptible to moisture issues.

4. Inspect the inside of your home for any leaks.

If your roof doesn’t have a proper drainage system, water can start to collect in uneven areas and clog your gutters. This can cause rainwater to rest right under your roof shingles. If left untreated, water can penetrate your roof and into your home.

5. Call a trusted storm restoration contractor.

Once you’ve taken a look outside and gauged the damage, it’s time to call in storm restoration professionals. There may be damage to your siding, gutters, and vents that you’re not able to see - as oftentimes, roof damage can only be seen from above. Don't risk getting on a damaged roof yourself, leave this to our roofing experts. We’ll provide you with a free roof inspection and let you know whether you have enough damage to file a claim with your insurance provider. If you do, we’ll provide a free, no obligation estimate on repairs or replacements. File through RRSA to get the most out of your claim!

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