Getting a new roof installed on you home-though often necessary due to storm damage is also a great way to update your home and increase curb appeal.

Once you have made the decision to replace your roof and chosen a preferred roofing and restoration contractor like RRSA St. Louis, there will be a lot going on at your residence once the work starts. Below are steps to help you as a homeowner make sure the job of replacing your roof runs smoothly for you and your roofing contractor.

HOMEOWNER CHECKLIST FOR ROOF REPLACEMENT  The delivery of the shingles will arrive a few days before the start of the project (these will be placed in your driveway or in a specific location of your choosing). TIP ─ Ask your roofing contractor when this will occur so you can be prepared by moving cars or making sure someone is home, etc.
 Pre Work Checklist – Roof Installation:
  1. If you have any pets, you might want to work with your contractor to see if they need to be locked up for the roof installation.
  2. Take appropriate measures to protect any valuable items in your garden, e.g., statues, planters, etc.
  3. Make sure gates are either left open for the contractors or ask that they close the gates behind them at all times.
  4. If there are special requests, make sure you let the person in charge know about those in advance.
  5. Prior to job start, please take all pictures and valuables off outer walls and off shelves, as roofing makes vibrations that could cause these to fall and be damaged.
  6. When we reroof, we remove the old felt from your decking, which will cause debris to fall between cracks in your decking, so please cover all valuables in your attic and be mindful this could cause a post-job cleanup to be needed.
  7. At the end of the job, there will be material left over. We often over-order to make sure we have enough material on-hand to finish the job. This extra material will be picked up the day of the job completion.
  8. Please make sure all vehicles are out of the driveway and away from the house so that no debris can fall on them and cause them damage.
TIP ─ Work with your contractor to understand if he is covering your flowers or shrubbery. If not, we recommend doing it yourself.

Final day/finishing up on the job:

  1. Your company representative will do a final walk-through with you; this is where you make sure we have done everything we said we would do in the pre-work checklist.
  2. The roofing crew will do a sweep of your yard for loose nails or other debris. If you have any concerns about debris please ask your company representative.
  3. When you are certain that the job is complete to your satisfaction our work will only be truly finished.
Hopefully, by following this easy checklist when replacing your roof, things will run much more smoothly for you and your roofing contractor.