Sometimes talking about roofing is not the only thing our team at RRSA Vero Beach wants to do. Today is one of those days. After we experienced the amazing cold snap in Florida, the arrival of the sunshine we are used to as residents of the Sunshine State reminds up so clearly why we are here and why we love Vero Beach so much.

As the General Manager of RRSA-Vero Beach, Justin Dowd is a humble guy who will probably wonder what his blogger is doing, talking about this personal stuff. But sometimes getting personal in your business is the right thing to do. We have actually discussed this, how the trend in business is really not about the company you are dealing with but the people who run it and work there. We want to like the people we pay our money to. That's just the blunt truth, and it is the way it should be.

Justin's wife, Emily, is from Florida, raised in Sebring. Her immediate family lives in Vero Beach, where she and Justin raise their three kids. It is a beautiful life, filled with PTA meetings, hard work, beach adventures, boating, all providing cherished fun along with cherished responsibilities.

Justin was born and raised in Texas, but has embraced the Vero Beach lifestyle with gusto. He started out 10 years ago as a roofing salesman for RRSA in Texas, traveling to Florida when the hurricanes came in 2004. That's when he met Emily. The rest is history.

Vero Beach is a beautiful, tourist town, but the locals, of which Justin is now one, love it for very good reason. Beaches abound, and the art and culture scene is alive and thriving. If you ever decide to visit Florida, you really can't go wrong by choosing Vero Beach as your travel destination.

And in keeping with the theme of this blog, if you need your roof replaced in Vero Beach or the greater South Florida area, be sure to contact your trusted local company, RRSA Vero Beach. Justin will happily come see you or send one of the professional team members of RRSA to give you a free roof replacement estimate. Call him today at the Vero Beach office.


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