In our last blog post, we talked about family and why we love Vero Beach and all of South Florida so much. That prompts us to make sure you know how much we appreciate our RRSA military division. RRSA is well-known for working on base housing projects for those in the military and their families. We love America and have great respect and admiration for those who serve to protect us and our American way of life. With so many threats to our safety and that traditional American way of life, now is the perfect time for this post.

RRSA is also involved in roofing work on military aircraft and cargo hangars, commissaries, and military maintenance facilities. We have completed major roofing projects on military sites in 23 states, including Hawaii.

One great reason that the military works with us is that we are bondable to over $100 million dollars and can do multiple large projects at the same time. We also have a stellar reputation and financial strength in the roofing industry. Our history of quality workmanship and construction expertise will continue to be one of our strongest cornerstones as we handle military projects.

For military history buffs, you might find is fascinating to know that the current site of the Vero Beach Municipal Airport and home of Piper Aircraft was once a Naval Air Station. Naval and Marine aviators as well as WAVES and women Marines trained there from 1942 to the closing of the the naval base in 1946. The Naval Air Station saw use as a Marine Air Squadron Base as well as a training facility for F6F Hellcat, SB2A Buccaneer, F4F Wildcat, and F7F Tigercat pilots. You can learn more about the Naval Air Station and its history by visiting this link from the Museum of Florida History website.