Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but for the last month you wouldn't know it. Florida hasn't seen this kind of cold weather since 1981. Vero Beach and all of South Florida have not escaped the cold weather either. Temperatures in Vero Beach just a day ago were well below freezing.  It is predicted that winter is not done with Florida yet. There still may be more snow and ice, but winter can also bring with it heavy winds and even hail.

So what kind of effect does this cold Florida weather have on your Vero Beach roof? Cold weather is especially hard on roofs. Below, we discuss how the various elements of winter weather affect your South Florida home's roof:

Wind Damage

Some of the strongest wind storms occur during the winter season, which often leads to shingles being torn off, loosened, or broken off. The wind also frequently rips off or loosens up flashing, and it is especially hard on roof ridges and rakes, which are more exposed to the wind stream.

Snow, Ice, and Water

These three elements of Mother Nature work in the winter as a team.
  • Snow can pile up until its weight exceeds the load-bearing capacity of your roof. This will first lead to creaking sounds, cracks above your windows and doors, and a bowed ceiling, but it could eventually lead to roof-collapse.
  • Ice may build up on the eaves of your South Florida home, as snow melt runs down to the roof's edges and re-freezes. This ice dam effect may block your gutters and prevent water from finding a pathway off your roof.
  • Water, backed up behind the ice dam, will freeze and thaw, creating leakage points, besides exploiting pre-existing leak-prone areas. Your drywall, ceilings, floors, and more may then suffer heavy water damage. Mold and mildew will likely appear, creating a health hazard.

Hail Damage

Hail can dent metal roofs, metal vents and flashing, and badly damage ridge caps since they receive the most direct hits. It will also leave small, circular impressions on some of your shingles, which will weaken them, shorten their lifespan, and possibly lead to water getting under the shingles.

All of the above effects of cold weather means that may find yourself needing a roof replacement in South Florida. Call RRSA-Vero Beach today and let one of our professional sales team members come out and inspect your roof. There is no charge for this inspection. We will just be able to tell you if your roof has been damaged by this cold Florida weather, and if you need your roof replaced.

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