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Since it looks like its going to be rainy all week in South Florida, today we want to talk about how constant rain can affect your South Florida roof.  The image below is from Twitter and shows the weather forecast for Monday, June 11, 2018. The trend of showers and thunderstorms is supposed to continue throughout the week. The main threats from the strongest storms will be small hail, brief gusty winds, and cloud to ground lightning.

south florida forecast

How Constant Rain Affects Your South Florida Roof

Even if we don't get any hail in South Florida this week, you must know that constant rainfall can find even the most well-built South Florida home with weak spots on its roof.  Heavy rains often cause shingles to loosen or be torn away from your roof. Over time, the combination of heavy rains and high-pressure winds will eat away at a faulty roof, eventually causing physical deterioration and leaking.  Consequently, these leaks can lead to bacteria growth, dry rot and many more adverse effects on unsuspecting South Florida homeowners or commercial property owners.


Since your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, having a regular inspection performed is critical to making sure your roof stays healthy and free of damage. A few things you can do yourself are to take the time to examine your roof for weak spots or cracks.  Take a close look at the chimney if you have one for cracked sealant, and be sure to use quality outdoor silicone on weathered joints.  Often rain will run down the side of the chimney, and if the sealant is cracked, the excess run-off will then spill into the home.  There might also be black, darkened streaks running along the roof.  These are the result of mold, algae or fungus and usually appear on either shady or north-facing roofs.  Luckily this can be fixed with common roof cleaner products or even household bleach, depending on the size and depth of the issue.

Yes, it is true that some aspects of roof maintenance you can handle yourself, but why take chances with your roof becoming damaged by this week's constant rain when RRSA Vero Beach provides FREE roof inspection all over South Florida? Call us today for YOUR free roof inspection in Vero Beach or anywhere else in South Florida. We will send one of our professional roof experts out in no time to do a thorough and complimentary roof inspection. If the pro sees that you need a new roof, please understand that RRSA Vero Beach uses only the best quality GAF roofing materials and that we are a GAF Master Elite Contractor. This is a distinction only a few roofing companies can claim.



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