Everyone wants to make sure that they have the best Christmas lights in the neighborhood, but sometimes hanging Christmas lights can be tricky. 

We have some quick tips and tricks to make sure you don’t end up like Clark Griswold dangling from a ladder. Find your power source. 

Find Power Source

You want to make sure you now where your lights will be plugged in before you get on top of a ladder. If you will be using an extension cord, use one designed specifically for outdoor use.

Test Lights

Nothing is more frustrating when you’re on top of your ladder or roof and your lights aren’t working. Test all your lights while still on the ground to make the process easy and stress-free.


Making sure you have enough strands of lights is essential. You don’t want to start hanging lights and realize it only covers a third of the space. 


Easily mount your lights with light clips. You can find these at any home improvement store with a variety of options for any surface. An all-purpose light clip can be used to attach any type of light to your gutters. You can also attach lights to your shingles with the same clip if you flip the clip around. 

Hanging Pole

If you don’t want to get on a ladder, try using a hanging pole to get Christmas lights where you want them. Find your power source. 

Decorating for the holidays can be stressful, hopefully these tips and tricks will make it hassle free! 

Be safe and Happy Holidays!